Cal Manel has been restored using one guiding principal which is to be respectful towards its wonderful surroundings. Its renovation has used products and materials producing the least ecological impact possible and uses renewable energies.


The philosophy behind Can Manel is to make its visitors feel as comfortable as in their own homes and provides adapted spaces, shared facilities for all as well as welcoming pets.


Can Manel is an ideal place for those who wish to enjoy a mountain experience to the full with exclusive facilities designed for the specific needs of hikers, mountaineers and cyclists in mind.


The cosy hostel Can Manuel lies in the town of Saldes located in the heart of Berguedà and breathing in a magical and unique environment. This place was a meeting point for local people and a warm, comfortable refuge for visitors for three generations. The building has repeatedly been an inn, a restaurant and even a videoclub and more than that, a civic centre for the town of Saldes which, as a result of the mine closures in 1989, began to lose its activity, energy and inhabitants. The heart of Can Manuel had always beaten at Saldes’ rhythm and just 10 years after this decline, finally stopped.

Many things have changed in Saldes since 2000, the year when Can Manuel closed its doors, but the town is still the same magical and mystical place and the magnificent figure of Pedraforca continues to forge an amazing landscape. For this reason, a group of friends closely attached to the town decided to reopen this recreational space 15 years later to keep Saldes’ flame alive.

Previously, Can Manuel’s engine was exploiting the natural resources hidden in the mountains of Saldes but now the hostal’s new life revolves around much more spiritual resources. Can Manel is a place where its guests can discover their inner peace, calmness and wellbeing.


The hostal has returned as a place of reference for the people of Saldes as well as being a high quality, comfortable and simple place to stay for visitors and sports people. Mushroom hunters, cyclists, mountaineers or simply people and families who want to disconnect in the foothills of Pedraforca will find all types of services in Can Manel – a building which has been restored following the criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Can Manel offers cyclists a garage for cleaning and repairing bicycles and a multi-purpose room for groups. Children can bring their pets and their parents can get to know and learn about alternative and natural therapies and all this in a space where the philosophy of sustainability is displayed in its integration with its surroundings, the energy efficiency of its building and the use of local products.